2019 presentations

Bideford Business Expo | BBxpo | Need it Find it

BBxpo invites you to a full programme of free presentations during the day, which concludes with the free networking buffet.

We are delighted that Google is bringing its Google Digital Garage to BBxpo 2019, offering North Devon businesses free advice and coaching on their digital skills to help them grow in their business, career or confidence.

Please see full details of presentations below – all are free to book.

Presentation programme

10:00–11:00 | Build Your Personal Brand Online | the Google Digital Garage

For people who want to understand and identify what their brand is online. We cover which platforms are right for you and how to get the most out of them. You will learn how to build a personal brand online and how to increase visibility online. 

1. Define your personal brand
2. Build your brand online
3. Increase your online visibility


11:00–12:00 | Get Your Business Visible on Google | the Google Digital Garage

For anyone who wants to get their business more visible online. We cover creating a listing for your business on Google Maps and provide training in how to monitor and maintain your website’s presence on Google Search. You’ll learn how to use the Google My Business platform to manage your business presence on Google.

1. Understand how search works
2. Set-up a Google My Business listing
3. Manage your listing on Google


12:00–12:40 | High Performance in the Workplace | Dare2BU

1 in 4 people suffer with a mental health problem, every year.  What impact can it have have on a business, whether small or large, when employees have mental ill-health and are unsure what to do about it and feel unable to get help.>Discover the rewards, business and personal, when we understand where our mental health and state of mind comes from. What can an individual do for themselves and what can an individual do for others?


12:40–13:20 | Benefits of Upskilling Your Workforce |Rozz Algar, Assistant Principal Commercial, Petroc

Supporting your staff will bring benefits to you and them.  This presentation will discuss specific qualifications, short courses or Apprenticeships as a route to help your staff upskill. This interactive discussion will be an opportunity to explore the options for you and your business and staff.


13:20–14.00 | North Devon Enterprise Day Panel

To celebrate and promote enterprise in North Devon, this session will discuss how businesses can join in Small Business Saturday and the #10to1m campaign to support local businesses in North Devon, while a panel of successful business people will share their success stories and answer questions from visitors on all aspects of enterprise. Panellists include:

Denise Anstey

Denise is an award-winning inventor and business owner. She has worked for an ISO9001 regulated company within the R&D Tax Credits industry and can provide an impartial overview on these for businesses. Meet Denise on the Heartfelt Products stand.

Jack Richards

Jack Richards works in marketing at Applegate – the eProcurement marketplace for business. He studies Business and Management at Plymouth University and is an Apprenticeship Ambassador in the South West. Jack has considerable knowledge and experience of eCommerce, marketing automation, communications strategy and Project Management and has  appeared in the Financial Times and on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Lee Randall-Pybus

Lee is director of Your Partnerships, having created the extensive programme of Devon Partnerships business networking events across Devon. Lee has an extensive network of business people across the county and the UK.  Meet Lee on the Devon Partnerships stand.

Robert Zarywacz (compere)

Robert combines corporate experience with 25 years as a business owner. He is a well-known business journalist, is editor of Business Action magazine and co-organiser of BBxpo. Meet Robert on the Business Action and Zarywacz stands.


14:00–15:00 | North Devon Enterprise Day Free Networking Buffet

Join us for the ultimate free lunch at North Devon’s biggest networking event to celebrate and promote enterprise in North Devon. Nibble and network and establish new business contacts.